Sometimes I enjoy creating some funny gadget. Download them all, they are free!

Make Giving Enjoyable

Download wallpapers for your computer and smartphone. There are also tags and postcards, to remind you of how nice it is to teach the joy of giving!

Choose the definition that fits you the most...

…and download the wallpaper for your computer and smartphone.

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A day without a smile is a lost day.
– Charlie Chaplin –


Use your minds and hands, and your hearts, to build something bigger than yourselves.
– Tim Cook (Apple CEO) –


We do the things we do because they are the right things to do.

Download the fundraising monthly planner!

Print one sheet for each month, complete it with the days of the week and plan your fundraising work!

And you can have the stickers to fill it and to remind you the important dates, achieved goals and planned activities. How
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Holidays postcards

In summer send your friends a postcard! You can choose among seaside, mountain, cities and trips on the road.  You can find them here!

Business card holfer

Download the template and print it, then cut it and glue and that’s it!
There are two holders: one for your business cards and the other for the ones you may want to keep!

Wonderful Christmas

Christmas is magic and wonder and here is a card that turns and surprises!